You May Go

Our Story

Our spark ignited when we began serving our award-winning wines and cocktails on commercial flights for international airlines. We made our wines easy to take on these long-haul journeys, and even easier to drink when travellers set abound for new sights, experiences and destinations. When we saw how much consumers loved our wines and innovative packaging, we realized that all explorers, whether in the air or on the ground, deserved the option of having delicious wine and cocktails in stylish to-go containers.   

Our Manifesto

We hope that what you drink is only part of the experience. You need a setting, moment and atmosphere to create a memory. Our wines and cocktails are made to be part of your journey—easy to take on your travels—and even easier to drink with a broad assortment of smooth varieties and flavours.
We imagine there are no limitations to what you can do and achieve. You were made to go out into the world and explore all that it has to offer. But being a go-getter, jet-setter and trailblazer doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. Our wines and cocktails bring award-winning flavour and stylish packaging to your on-the-move lifestyle.
We are of the opinion that labels are passé. Whether you’re a busy mom, serious student or working entrepreneur, there is no set standard for what you wear, eat or drink. You are in charge.
We wish kindness to all, whatever your background.
We love being outdoors. On a balcony, by the beach or at an outdoor gathering with friends, fresh air, warm sunshine and good company are all good for your soul.
We trust you can have it all and do it all, while being responsible too.
We believe the good life starts with you.

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