BuzzBallz / Southern Champion is a family-owned Texas distillery/winery/brewery specializing in crafting authentic, delicious ready-to-drink cocktails and small batch spirits of the highest quality.

Our premium beverages are created to be unique, approachable, and enjoyed by all. Each product has a story inspired by family members and their adventures. Welcome to the Family and help yourself to a cocktail.

CEO/ founder Merrilee Kick founded BuzzBallz in 2009. Merrilee runs one of the only woman-owned distilleries and wineries in the USA with distribution in 45 states plus international.

  • #1 Ready to Drink, single serve cocktail brand in the USA!
  • Single serve, convenience packaging – 200ml
  • Made with natural flavors & juices, or cream
  • NO high fructose corn syrup
  • Certified Kosher/Gluten Free/BPA Free
  • 10 delicious cocktail flavor options
  • Unique plastic container made from 100% recyclable materials & ENSO RESTORE ENZYME for faster biodegradation
  • All manufacturing done in the USA


A Taste for Life

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